You’re planning your summer vacation and like every year you’re wondering, “What should I bring?”. I thought of the essentials so you’ll know what to pack for a mountain holiday!

You know, in the mountains the climate changes from one moment to the next and you always have to be ready! And then, going to the mountains, you normally go for hiking, trekking and outdoor excursions …

Here’s what to pack for a mountain holiday:

  • TREKKING SHOES would be the best solution, but if you decide not to take particularly challenging routes can also fit sneakers

  • LONG SLACKS, can fit the classic mountain pants or thermal pants for hiking in the mountains

  • SHORTS, for warmer days

  • BAG to put everything you need and spare parts during mountain hikes

  • BOTTLE, to put water to drink during high altitude hikes

  • WATERPROOF K-WAY, to get caught unprepared during the summer downpours, to get skinny just as you return from an excursion





  • BATHING COSTUMES, if you decide to sunbathe or go rafting on the Noce River with us

  • SMARTPHONE or PHOTOGRAPHIC MACHINE to photograph your days

And now that you know what to bring… Book your mountain holiday!