For many years now, the Christmas period in Ossana has been made even more magical and evocative by its more than 1000 Nativity scenes and Christmas markets located inside the Castle that represents this small village.

Appointment from the end of November to the beginning of January

From the end of November to the beginning of January, it will be possible to observe the numerous cribs on a walk through the streets of the village.

The discovery takes place step by step, through a path that, starting from a comet star set up in the center of Ossana, winds along the alleys of the village to the imposing walls of Castel San Michele.

The cribs are all handmade by volunteer associations, schools, artists or locals: everyone works hard to create unique and unrepeatable creations. From wood to fabric, but also corn leaves or seeds: each crib is developed with exceptional creativity.


Many cribs are visible both during the day and in the night when everything is lit only by oil lamps, which make the setting in the mountain village even more pleasant.

Among the most significant cribs we point out the possibility to admire the Moving Nativity (next to the Church San Vigilio), the Nativity of the Great War (inside Castel San Michele), the Nativity Monte Giner and “Venezuela in 100 cribs” (all in the Mas dei Voltolini) and also the collection of 900 cribs exhibited in the House of Frescoes.

At the beginning, in the central square of the town and at the end (in the Castle of San Michele), two Christmas markets with products exclusively of local handicrafts and gastronomic excellence of Val di Sole and Trentino.

And every weekend there are concerts with Christmas music and plays.

All you have to do is book your holiday!