Since until a few days ago the snow had left itself to be desired, we thought of an alternative. . . And I must admit that it is a beautiful alternative!
What can you do in Val di Sole without skiing? The answer is very simple! Hiking!

Lago dei Caprioli

You can’t not come to Pellizzano without seeing the beautiful Lago dei Caprioli… Typical alpine lake, located at 1280 meters. Lago dei Caprioli is both a panoramic point and a starting point for high altitude excursions.
During this hike we thought to stop there, to admire this beauty, but during the summer you can climb higher up to the Malga Alta di Fazzon or the Rifugio Atruik.

3,2,1. . . Let’s go!

We decided to leave the cars parked and enjoy this day in the open air. So we left on foot directly from the hotel. After crossing the wooden bridge, we arrived in the centre of Pellizzano, and from there we followed the Sentiero degli Gnomi which in just over an hour took us to Lake Caprioli.

Here we are. . .

…arrived at Lake Caprioli, we were speechless by the beauty of the lake in winter version! The lake is completely frozen and this makes it even more magical and suggestive. Some of us decided to stop to admire so much beauty and take some souvenir photos. . . The others decided to walk some more to go around the lake, crossing bridges and frozen streams.

What do you need?

The excursion from Hotel Pezzotti to Lake Caprioli is very simple, even our young guests have really appreciated it. Despite its simplicity, I suggest you to wear:

  • Trekking boots
  • Gloves and cap
  • Backpack with spare jersey

The Lago dei Caprioli is a very popular destination and during the winter, with ice and snow everything is even more evocative.