Wellness in Open Heaven!

Val di Sole is not only a sport, but also an area suitable for wellness and relaxation. In Val di Rabbi, only half an hour from our Hotel, you will find the Kneipp Path, an open-air wellness path of 550 square meters. The first open-air Kneipp centre, surrounded by greenery, which exploits the principles of hydrotherapy, using water from the Valorz RIVER and natural materials such as pebbles, grass, bark and wood.

What is the Kneipp Path?

The Kneipp Path in Val di Rabbi is an open-air wellness centre! It is 550 square meters of path, where you can take advantage of all the benefits of pure mountain water, associated with other natural elements, such as bark and pebbles. In fact, there are alternating stretches where you will walk on the pebbles, bark or walk in the water that comes directly from the stream.

At the Kneipp  in Val di Rabbi you can also find mud, just like in the wellness centre! I advise you to enter the pond and immerse yourself in the mud, then go out and lie in the sun and let them dry out…  And in the meantime, you can relax, surrounded by a fairytale landscape!

Where is it?

The Kneipp Path in Val di Rabbi, is located in the central village of the valley, San Bernardo, only 9 km from the village of Malè. It is also surrounded by one of the most beautiful landscapes of Val di Rabbi, in fact around the Kneipp path you will find the beautiful and typical mountain farms. Starting from our hotel, you will reach the Kneipp Route in less than half an hour. Look at the map!

And also. . . with Val di Sole Guest Card, the entrance to the Kneipp Path is FREE. Here’s another good reason to get the Card!

Near the Kneipp Path in Val di Rabbi you will also find a Children’s Playground, entirely built with natural materials, just like the path itself.