You’re planning your winter break, and like every year you’re wondering, “What should I bring?”

I thought of the essentials to pack for a mountain holiday in winter!

Here’s what to pack for a mountain holiday in the winter months

  • A SNOW JACKET or a Duvet suitable for low temperatures

  • TREKKING SHOES and HOT AND COMFORTABLE SHOES to avoid slipping on the snow and doing snowshoeing

  • COMFORTABLE and WARMING PANTS but above all don’t forget your SKIING SUIT!


  • SNOW GLOVES and BERRETS / HAIR GLOVES (headband, wool cap, earmuffs. . . )


  • if you love outdoor activities, the TECHNICAL UNDERWEAR will be very useful, allowing you to dress in layers and stay warm

    • SKIING EQUIPMENT: skis and boots, snowboard, helmet, snowshoes, sleds (bobsleigh), trekking equipment. . . and more. But if you don’t have the equipment you need don’t worry you can always rent it!
  • BACKPACK or BELT BAG to put everything you need and spare parts during your outdoor activities
  • SUNGLASSES AND SUN CREAM: in the mountains UV radiation is very intense so both in summer and winter it is essential to protect yourself.


  • BATH COSTUME: at the end of a day in the snow, at the refuge or among the Christmas markets, let our relaxation area pamper you!

  • SMARTPHONE or PHOTOGRAPHIC MACHINE to photograph your days in Val di Sole

Of course these are the ten main things to bring if you have decided to go on a mountain holiday in winter. And now, all you have to do is book!

E adesso, non ti rimane che prenotare!