It can happen, in fact if you decide to spend your summer holidays in the mountains, it will surely happen! A rainy day will always come. But don’t despair! What to do when it rains? In Trentino and Val di Sole there are many things you can do even when it rains!

Discovering the Castles…

Starting from the Hotel Pezzotti, in Pellizzano, you are spoilt for choice, talking about castles to see!
If you come on holiday with your children, we recommend:

  • Castello San Michele, in Ossana: this beautiful castle is perfect to visit and very convenient to reach, being only 2 km from the Hotel
  • Castel Caldes: another castle in the Val di Sole, recently reopened to the public, also accessible by the Dolomiti Express, the comfortable train that from Marilleva will take you right near Castel Caldes
  • Castel Thun: if you don’t have problems to take the car and move around for about an hour, we recommend this wonderful Castle, in Val di Non, considered one of the most beautiful castles in the Alpine Arc The Castles have always been places full of history, magic and stories, that’s why we think they are one of the best things to see on rainy days, which will not make your children bored!

One day at the Museum!

Passionate about science, art or culture? Dedicate the rainy day to spending a day at the Museum! In Trentino you will find a lot of them and all really interesting! What to see?

  • Muse, Science Museum: the Natural Science Museum, designed by Renzo Piano, which fascinates young and old
  • MMape, in Croviana, less than ten minutes by car from Hotel Pezzotti, the Bee Museum, to discover the fantastic world of bees – Molino Ruatti Museum, in Val di Rabbi: a plunge into history, discovering the ancient Mill

Opportunities not to be missed!

If you’re thinking of excluding all these alternatives and staying in your room all day, because museums and castles cost so much. . . You’re wrong! Staying at the Hotel Pezzotti, you will have, always included in the price, Val di Sole Guest Card, the card, or rather the two cards, which will allow you to enter for FREE all the museums and castles that I have recommended so far. Present your Guest Card and explore the beauty of Trentino!

What are you waiting for? Book your holiday without giving too much importance to the weather! Now you know what to do when it rains in Trentino!