Winter is approaching and we’re starting to feel the magic of Christmas, the most loved holiday by children and families…
If you’re looking for ideas on where to spend Christmas with your family you’re in the right place! We can’t wait to welcome you in our house. . .
Are you wondering why you should choose Trentino, Val di Sole and Hotel Pezzotti to celebrate YOUR Christmas?

Here are 5 good reasons to spend Christmas at the Hotel Pezzotti!

  1. Family atmosphere just like at home

    Our goal is to make you feel at home, that’s why entering the Hotel Pezzotti you will feel that family atmosphere that should characterize Christmas. The stove on and the tree decorated, just like at home!

  1. Animation and entertainment

    We have said it from the beginning, Christmas is the most loved holiday by children and families. That’s why throughout the Christmas period you will find an entertainment service and miniclub to entertain and entertain your children, but without forgetting that even the older ones must have fun, in the evening games will be organized with adults too!

  1. Christmas markets and nativity scenes to experience the Christmas atmosphere

    What would Christmas be like in Trentino without the traditional houses that host the markets? Sweets and typical products, handmade gifts and the scent of Christmas in the air.
    Christmas markets are really part of Christmas traditions and in Trentino you are spoilt for choice. You can find them in the capitals of Trento and Bolzano but also closer to us.
    The markets that you really can’t miss are those in the village of Ossana, in Val di Sole, just 2 km from us, housed inside the Castle San Michele and that accompany a path that will immerse you in the discovery of over 1000 cribs made entirely by hand.

  1. Typical dishes of the Tradition

    In Italy, as in Trentino, the Christmas tradition is also linked to food, to the typical flavours of the area. In Trentino there is no Christmas without Zelten, a traditional Christmas cake. It is a special version of the classic homemade bread, enriched with dried figs, sultanas, walnuts and hazelnuts. Every family has handed down the classic grandmother’s recipe so don’t be surprised if you taste different variations during your holiday.
    The Zelten we prefer?! Of course that of Our Chef Andrea! But the Christmas culinary tradition does not end here, as always, we will delight you by preparing traditional dishes.
    Not to mention the Christmas Eve dinner, with the arrival of Santa Claus!

  1. Relax to spend some time in our wellness centre

    In our wellness center, where you will find sauna, jacuzzi and turkish bath, you can relax after a day on the snow...

These are only 5 main reasons to spend Christmas with us. . .
If I managed to convince you, discover our offers!